Which Companies Are Leading The Way In Wearable Technology?

The popularity of wearable technology is expanding. There have been many international corporations, including Google, Adidas, Samsung and even Sony, which have rushed products to the market. This makes people think that these big companies have a monopoly over wearable technologies. Despite this, there are still many startup companies in technology that have been working in this niche. So, what are these companies?

Leading the race
1. Jawbone –This company is the one behind the release of Up, a fitness-tracking wristband. Another goes by the name of Jambox, a wireless speaker. Jawbone has been showing the rest of the world that it is really serious about what it is doing. It was even able to acquire MassiveHealth and Visere in February 2013. These acquisitions created a new market for the company.
2. Fitbit – At first, it’s products may look similar to those of Jawbone. It also has a product that helps in tracking fitness activities. This can monitor step, calories and distance traveled. Users are also given the chance to connect up with the other tools of Fitbit. They can do this with the mobile application or even the online website. The food eaten can also be logged in. There is the so called Aria WiFi scale that can be used too.
3. Pebble – This is a manufacturer of wearable smart watches. This is more than just a tracking device. It allows users to connect with their smartphone to know who is calling or who is sending an SMS message. Users no longer have the need to carry the phone around in their hands. Just like what a regular smartphone does, downloading applications can also be made functional and possible. This is the reason why many got hooked with this.
4. Oculus VR –nothing has captured the public’s attention more than this. Oculus has brought far more attention to virtual reality with it’s new release. They will soon branch out to VR helmets. These helmets are expected to raise in sales this year, making Oculus a company to watch.
5. Scan – bar codes have became a huge part of the Internet. This is why most wearable technologies these days make use of QR codes. This applies to medical information bands or even t-shirts.

These are just some of the companies that have created a fuss this year. It is now for the customers to decide who to give their business to.