What Types Of Wearable Computers Are On The Market?

Technology has been one of the greatest discoveries man has ever made. Overtime, it had helped people in so many ways. Technology has provided convenience to people’s lives, transportation, means of communication, etc.

Computers have played a major role and have contributed to the evolution of people’s lifestyle. The ease of being able to access information and perform online transactions are some changes that have been introduced. Up until today, people have never stopped researching and innovating. Now, wearable computers have been introduced into the market.

Wearable computers are computing devices which are small and light enough that they can be worn without feeling discomfort. These are used to monitor health systems, media development and can serve as a tool for behavioral modeling. Wearable computers are very useful for applications that require computational support while the user’s hand, voice, arms and eyes are actively engaged in the physical environment.

There are four types of wearable computers available on the market. They are differentiated to satisfy different needs and requirements of people.

1. Industry Wearable Computers
The auto repair industries have embraced the use of wearable computers. There is a baseball cap clip-on which allows a mechanic to view a schematic of an engine or parts assembly while working on the engine. The wearable devices for industry are built of tough materials and are lightweight, permitting a worker to wear a computer headband or wristband without distraction.

2. Health and Fitness Body Computers
Health and fitness body computers have been used to help health buffs and those that want to have a healthier lifestyle. These technologies help you keep track of how much activity you do on a daily or weekly basis. These will also get you motivated to start using the stairs rather than using the elevator to your office or park your car at least 2 blocks from the office to give that daily morning brisk walk to keep you pumping. The most common body computers for health and fitness are wrist and armband trackers, they come also as headbands. To name a few, there is Basis B1 Band, Fitbit Force and Fitbit Flex, Jawbone UP, Nike+ Fuel Band SE.

3. Emergency Workers Wearable Computers
Wearable computers have increased safety for emergency workers. Firefighters who wore body computers can be monitored by their supervisor when they reach dangerous core temperature levels. Other body computers contain integrated global positioning systems (GPS) that allows supervisors or main offices to locate them anytime.

4. Personal Use and Lifestyle Enhancement Body Computers
These wearable computers can come in different sizes and shapes. This can be a handbag that is programmed to create a sound when anything is pulled out from it, or headbands and armbands that can provide information on how many calories have been burned which will help the user with dieting. There are also wearable devices that functions as sensing devices that identifies the wearer’s psychological state that helps health provider assess his/her mental state.