Portable GPS Systems for The Open Road

To begin with GPS navigating systems were designed for the military to help them find locations and do their job, over recent years this technology has been rolled out and now everyone who needs help to get from A to B has a navigation system and many of these are portable GPS systems.

Portable GPS systems, as opposed to integral car maker systems – which are built into cars by the car maker – are really designed to move around with the user and are used in cars, on foot, on motorbikes or in any other place that the user can easily take and utilize the unit. Depending on the unit that you choose, you can really get your hands on some amazing features with these units.

For instance, given the nature of traffic and traffic conditions, nothing stays the same for long. Traffic is a fluid beast and is forever changing. There would be no point then, in a GPS unit that simply provided you with a bunch of static maps and navigation points. What you need is a system that will update itself in real time to give you the information that is organically evolving on the ground as you approach it. A system like this will give you the time to adjust and or take a detour if need be. Some units will require you to add a FM receiver to your unit to receive the up to the minute, as it happens reports on traffic conditions, but pretty much, all good portable GPS systems will have this FM feature capability somewhere.

You can also be assured of having an often massive amount of data about specific POI or points of interest. The unit will give you notice about school zones, churches, police stations or hotels that you are approaching. You can preset the amount of warning time that you might need to be warned about an upcoming POI but think about it, you might feel as though you need to take a break from your journey and so the welcome prompt of a hotel or travel lodge a mile up ahead would be perfect.

The inbuilt entertainment capabilities of many portable GPS systems are really quite sophisticated. The units often come with memory space that you can use to upload whatever software you decide you need as you travel. View your uploaded photos or watch videos or play music, portable GPS systems come equipped to do these and more functions.

All you have to do now is to take a look at some units, decide which of them would best suit your needs, buy it and simply plug and play and then hit the open road. It’s that simple!