Are Wearable Computers A Fad That Will Pass?

The idea about technology these days is that it has a feature far beyond its use. Take for instance the mobile phones. Yes, they are the perfect embodiment of a technology in use. But the thing is, the purpose of it being so has already encompassed its main purpose and that is for communication purposes. Because technology makers for mobile phones have been all too caught up with developing and designing further such mobile phones, they have already reached a point that they are no longer too much concerned of its function, but are already concerned of its feature.
Now, going back, computers are also faced with the same dilemma. The function versus feature has maneuvered computers to outshine in terms of being a trend rather than a usable consumption.
The Evolution of computers:
The main purpose why computers are created is to make human work load and effort much faster and much more convenient. One cannot make all the accounting, sorting and recording all by himself in such a minimal amount of time without the need for computers.
Thus, they are created. Before, computers are these big boxed electronic devices under MS-DOS program. Yes, they have already helped men to make their office and recording work faster but not fast enough. And since they are just in the brink of a promising computer-technological horizon, they did not stop there. They innovate further.
The Gradual development of computers:
Computers have been further developed to become desktops which are a much convenient way to help men in their work. They are now being placed on a table desk as its main purpose is to help aid in the office related work. There are now other peripherals such as mouse and sound system.
But as you see, they also did not stop there. Considering the nature of man being more mobile than before because of the complexity of his work, computers are slowly transforming itself to become more mobile too. The development of laptops and notebooks are a result of which.
Laptops and notebooks are a much portable way to bring your “computer” anywhere you go. You can go submitting your report while you are still travelling or you can make your very own presentation while you are still on your way to work. But then that is still not enough.
People not only prefer a more mobile computer, but they also want something that is very light and very “wearable” so they no longer have to make the unnecessary preparations of putting the cable wires to a main power outlet.
Thus came the dawn of wearable computers. They are now being worn everywhere just like your everyday jewelry. No longer do they have to put the power cord to a power source. All they have to do is wear and it should definitely function just like any other computer.
So, based on the history of computers, if we are faced with the question that whether wearable computers are a fad that will pass? Yes. It WILL pass because it is a fad that will change every so often to be conveniently used based on the lifestyle of men.